A BEFORE and AFTER of A Grazing Grace Resident Horse

A before and after about one our residents, Wyatt! Wyatt was rescued by Horse Plus Humane Society, an amazing rescue that I am lucky to be affiliated with! In 2014, before the start of A Grazing Grace, I adopted him from Horse Plus. It was sad to see, but he had a locking stifle….(click the link to see what a locking stifle does to a horse¬†https://youtu.be/ueU88C2oFDY) . Once he came to live here, one of our veterinarians, Dr. Lafoon came out and recommended a series of estrogen shots and a small surgery to split the tendon. The video below is a year after having one surgery!

Wyatt is a permanent resident at A Grazing Grace and will be a great asset to our therapy program! He has an amazing personality and sweet quiet disposition!
To become a monthly sponsor for Wyatt, please message me and I will send you details!


See our facebook page for the AFTER video of sweet Wyatt! 



Tack Sale!

A Grazing Grace is having a TACK SALE!!!! So a huge help to the rescue is when we get in donated tack. Stuff that’s just laying around in your trailer, tack shed, or barn! When sold, the money goes right back to the rescue! Helps us, and we can provide you with a tax deductible receipt! So if you want to clean out your barn and could use a tax right off, message me!!
So, here a few things we have available and need to clean out! Several saddles, English and western. I will put prices in the comments of some items, but for the most part, I will take best offer. We have a lot of little things too! We will be around all weekend if you want to set up a time to come out and look!

A Grazing Grace Horse Rescue and Equine Therapy's photo.
A Grazing Grace Horse Rescue and Equine Therapy's photo.
A Grazing Grace Horse Rescue and Equine Therapy's photo.