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If you are interested in being a one-time sponsor or a monthly sponsor, please pick any horse you would like to sponsor!  You will get updates and pictures of the horse you are sponsoring, as well as your name on our sponsor page!! 

For our business partners: If you are a business and would like to sponsor one of our therapy or resident horses, we will advertise your business card on our sponsor page, as well as which horse you are sponsoring!  

Sponsorship options:
1.) Pick your horse, and FILL OUT a sponsorship form
2.) Donate directly to our veterinarian (Large Animal Veterinary Hospital),  hay supplier(Dave Roberti), or local feed store(Pet Country).
3.) Donate directly to A Grazing Grace and funds will be applied where needed most!

Sponsorships are 100% tax deductible!

Meet our resident horses available for sponsorship!



Lola is our 14 year old gentle giant! She is draft/paint cross and about 1300 pound of love!



Dallie is an extra special girl at this rescue. We adopted her mother for personal therapy purposes, and while her mother didnt do the job, this girl was born on our property and is turning out not only to have a sweet and amazing personality, but is doing great in her beginning training!



Wyatt is a 4 year old paint gelding. He came from horse plus with a locking stifle at age 2. With a series of estrogen shots and a small surgery to split the tendon, done by Dr. Ian Lafoon, he is running around the pasture and you would never guess he had any issues with it! Here is a before video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueU88C2oFDY



Rambo is one of our favorite boys here at the rescue. He will get up and go for our older riders, or quiet to a snails pace with our young ones! He is 25 years old and recently lost his eye due to an ulcerated cornea. Our wonderful veterinary crew at Large Animal Veterinary Hospital surgically removed his eye as it was the most humane thing we could do for him. He has adjusted quickly to the loss of his eye and gets around just as well as he ever has! He is a sweet boy that we will use in our upcoming therapy program, maybe to be a teacher of overcoming obstacles!



Joe is a 25 year old quarter horse. He has had a great life as a team ropers horse and for a short while took a little girl through barrels, poles and goat tying...all with one eye! His retirement is due to small fractures in his back fetlock joint. He will be an amazing part of our equine therapy team as he has a kind heart and sweet personality!



Leah is an incredibly sweet 6 year old mare. She got a bone chip in her front cannon bone from rowdy horse play at her previous owners. She mostly gets pampered here but does love to be tacked up for some light riding. This girl is a LOVE...true heart of gold! She will be an amazing asset to our upcoming therapy program!



Blu is a sweet boy with a hilarious personality! He is fun to watch play in the pasture with the other horses, and he is a great horse when we have littles come out to play!



Sparkle is a 10 year old American Shetland. She was rescued by Horse Plus and transfered to us for extra TLC. When she got here, she could hardly walk and had raw spots on her elbows from laying down so much. She came into Horse Plus very overweight and her feet were a mess. If you met her now, you would never guess. She will run, buck and play with the other horses, and she loves attention. She is full of sass for such a little girl!



Blue is another gentle giant(well, she is just a big boned girl)! She loves attention and is very patient! She will be a great asset to our upcoming therapy program!



Dusty is a sweet old gelding that will put around the pasture and come visit for love! He loves his little girl and takes really good care of her!



Adam is truely a sweet boy. He was given to us by a friend as at 4 years old. He is now about 9 and I am amazed at how quickly he learns and how amazing he has turned out. He has been to rodeos and through parades and is one of the first at the fence to greet friends!



Taffy is our other American Shetland. We purchased her especially for our kid visitors and she has been perfect for them! We have had k-5th grade classes out here and Taffy is one of their favorites along with Sparkle for grooming and playing with!

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