A Grazing Grace Surrender

We realize how difficult the decision is to surrender your beloved horse to A Grazing Grace.  We are an open door facility, any horse is welcome to be surrendered by appointment only.  We have two options available for surrendering horses into our shelter.

Adoption Program:

Our adoption program fee is $250, which helps cover their feed and medical costs during the average of one month that it takes to find a horse a new home.

Saving Grace Surrender

The Saving Grace fee is $250, which covers the cost of humane euthanasia and disposal.  This program is to help when you think the most humane thing for your beloved horse is humane euthanasia.

Hardship Surrender Program

If you are having financial difficulties and cannot afford the fees involved, we have a fee waiver form available.


We will be glad to arrange transportation of your horse. The nominal transporting fee to help cover the fuel expenses is $1.00 a mile, round trip from our shelter.  If your horse is not easily loaded (ie, in a large open pasture, not trained to load, etc) there is a $25 per hour loading fee beyond the first 30 minutes, any part of an hour counts as a full hour.  Please contact us to arrange transportation.