Freedom & Grace Equine Shelter

Help us save more horses and provide above average care.

The horses that come into Freedom & Grace frequently need extra care requiring veterinary attention.  We rely on donors like you to help make sure each animal receives the best care.

Volunteering is more than giving up your free time!

Volunteers are crucial in our efforts to save every horse.  Volunteers provide necessary love, grooming and so much more.  

The Right Horse for the Right Person

We believe strongly in matching the right horse with the right person.  We take our assessments very seriously and have trainers at both locations to help you find the right horse.

Our mission rely's on your generosity. Please donate now and help save 100's more.


Will your share be the one that helps connect the right person with the right horse?


Do you want a horse but don't know the first thing about caring for them?  Contact us today and we will help get you started through education and volunteering.


Passionately committed to serving Northern California's horses and keeping them safe from neglect, abuse or worse.

President: Tina Botts

Tina is the founder of A Grazing Grace.  Her passion is building relationships between animals and people.  Tina has many hats but her most recent is getting our therapy program started.  Tina has a lot of knowledge in the animal welfare industry. She has worked at a large animal control agency and is also certified in equine assisted therapy. She has a true passion for horse and human welfare.  Tina's experience with Equine Assisted Therapy has helped find many horses loving homes.

Vice President: Melissa Reali

Melissa's love for animals started at a very young age.  She was always bringing home stray animals to nurse back to health.  Ranch work and being around livestock were just a way of life for her.  She particularly enjoyed watching the peacefulness of the horses grazing their fields.  Melissa founded Freedom Horse Rescue and has dealt with some pretty extreme cases of abuse and neglect.  Freedom Horse Rescue has joined forces with A Grazing Grace.  Melissa believes networking and working together with other organizations is key to better solutions for horses.  

Treasurer: Joshua Millie

Secretary: Jen Miranda

A Grazing Grace Equine Rescue dba Freedom & Grace Equine Shelter

A Grazing Grace is an approved 501c3 providing therapeutic rehabilitation between people and horses. Rescued horses are evaluated for our therapy and adoption programs.


We have many wonderful horses and donkeys that are in need of a loving home!



If you are interested in being a one time sponsor or a monthly sponsor, please pick any horse you would like to sponsor

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We realize how difficult the decision is to surrender your beloved horse. Contact us to discuss your options~

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